About Me

27 things about me (there's a clue to my age there!!)

1. My name is Sarah
2. I got married last year in 2012
3. My husbands name is Matt
4. Currently we have no children but hope to start our own family in the not-to-distant-future
5. I have a degree: BSc (hons) Product Design & Modern Materials
6. I co-own a house and a mortgage with my husband
7. I work full time as an Office Manager
8. My blog was started as a scrapbook of ideas for my wedding
9. I have family all over the world
10. My favourite colour is hot pink/fuschia
11. I LOVE peonies
12. I have three nephews all under the age of 9
13. One of the people who knows everything about me is my cousin who lives in Memphis, TN
14. I love to cook
15. I enjoy going out for dinner and trying new foods
16. I am not friends with scales (I blame that on no. 14 & no. 15!)
17. If money was no object I would travel the world
18. Although home is where the heart is and I love our little home
19. The thought of pregnancy scares me
20. ...but, I can't wait to start a family
21. I am a sister, sister-in-law & step-sister
22. My husband would say I have OCD when it comes to cleaning
23. He would probably be right --> although I am never wrong ;-)
24. For the first time ever I have taken part in #DryJanuary 2013 & feel quite pleased with myself
25. I love to find a good bargain
26. UK city breaks & days out are favoured by us for weekends together
27. Cheesy, but.... I love my life!

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  1. 28: I have amazing hair which my friend Lauren is very jealous of
    29: I am an amazing friend :-)