Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Midweek Monthly Date Night #1

Last night we enjoyed our first 'Midweek Monthly Date Night'.

No joke, we have actually scheduled in our iPhone calendars the second Tuesday of every month as 'date night'.

We tried (and failed) to stick to once-a-month Alphabet Dating but found that it was near on impossible to find a whole day at a weekend to spend together. Although we are determined to pick that up again and have at least one Alphabet Date at a weekend we are also going to enjoy one midweek date a month as a break away from the normal 'get home from work, make tomorrows pack lunch, cook dinner, eat, watch TV, do some housework/laundry, go to bed' routine.

For our first date we went to Benson Blakes Bar & Grill who have recently won an award. Matt being an avid fan of burgers was not disappointed!

I had studied the menu all day struggling to chose a burger from the extensive list of delicious sounding creations... in the end I went with the basil aioli which was absolute heaven! A scrumptious mix of home made juicy burger, sun dried tomato, rocket and basil aioli - delicious! We shared sides of home made 'slaw, salad and onion rings (Matt cannot go to a restaurant without ordering onion rings...!)

The Sundae Dessert menu tickled me... Eenie, Meanie, Miney & Mo!

I washed mine down with a cocktail or two (they were two for £7, it would be rude not to)...

Please Note: 'Date Night' has permission to break the slimming world diet for one night only!

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