Wednesday, 10 July 2013

(almost!) a 2 month catch up...!

I can't believe the last time I posted was 15th May.. that's very nearly 2 months ago! Oops! I wasn't deliberately taking a blogging break, but I guess I lost my blogging mojo a little bit and to be honest I have been super busy with general life I haven't had time to sit down and write. Each week that went past I had more to catch up on, so I kept putting it off.

Now almost 2 months down the line I have a huge catch up to do!

So what have I been doing?


I have made a mammoth (well, by my standards!) amount of cakes over the past few weeks. Each of them have been for an occasion, more examples of what has been keeping me busy - a family BBQ, visiting a new baby girl, and a friends leaving 'bon voyage' do. I seem to have set a trend...


After the previous photos it may sound amusing, but Matt & I have been following the Slimming World 'diet' (I'm not sure you can really call it that..) for the last few weeks. Matt has lost around 6lbs and me almost 9lbs in about 3 weeks. This was brought on after our lovely anniversary break where we divulged in a lot of rather yummy food and drink! More about that in another post!

We have been having Weetabix/Special K for breakfast, a pasta or rice salad for lunch with fruit for snacking, and an extra easy Slimming World recipe for dinner... easy peasy!

I have made up batches of mini meringues to have with fat free yoghurt and fruit for dessert to cure any sweet cravings too.

So far, so good!


We've spent a lot of our spare time in our garden.. It's amazing to see how much it's changed over the last 18 months.

It's also lovely to see flowers starting to come out now, rewards for our work!



On the 29th June I went with Matt and the two Mums to Wembley for an evening of Mr Robbie Williams and Mr Olly Murs... it was amazing! That's all that needs to be said : )

Of course amongst all of that there have also been weekend trips away - down to the South Coast to see my brother and family, a leaving do in Reading, back 'homehome' to see the family... I have been heavily involved setting up the new WI group that I founded and am president of - and of which I have made some really lovely new friends from. We went to a local beer festival a couple of weeks ago with a group of them; and I've had a couple of wine evening, committee meetings and lunch dates.
We have reiterated that we need to start up our Alphabet Dating again as that fell to the wayside a  little lot! We're going to start back at 'B' again with a date arranged by Matt in a couple of weeks time. Last night was our first 'mid week date' too - we've decided that the second Tuesday of every month will be a date night for us. This is due to the fact we struggle to find time for ourselves during the weekend.. crazy as it sounds! First Date Night post coming up soon..
The most special thing we have done in this 'break' is celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary - more about that in another post too.
I think it's safe to say I have been kept pretty busy but I am back on form again now and wont leave it so long between posts! 

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  1. Busy busy busy lady!
    The cakes are amazing. And I am so jealous of you being able to make meringues. I always fail at those. xx