Thursday, 11 April 2013

Proud Moment

Last night was one of those nights where I drove home with a beaming smile on my face.. I did something, all by myself, for myself.

You may have previously read about my radio debut and setting the wheels in motion for a new WI group in my area.

When I researched what you needed to set up a new WI, I worried about how I would find 8 ladies to start a group on an estate where I knew no-one.

I set up a Facebook and Twitter account, I starred on the local BBC radio, I sent press releases to the local papers & magazines, before I knew it word was getting around and ladies were interested.

A date was set for our 'exploratory meeting' and as the day grew closer, I became nervous of being the little fish in a big pond .

Never, ever, did I expect to stand up in front of over 70 ladies last night! All 70 of these women had come to the meeting because they were interested in the group - the group that I had created, I had worked hard to set up, and the group that I thought I would struggle to achieve.

It was extremely rewarding and made it all worthwhile when several of them came up to thank me, to congratulate me and to say how much they appreciated my efforts.

The only negative is that we are restricted to 60 members so will have to introduce a 'first come, first served' rule. I never saw that one coming!

Super excited for our next meeting to make us all 'official' and to confirm our committee. I can see myself having social evenings, enjoying new crafts and skills and making lots of new local friends!

I'm just grateful I didn't chicken out!

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  1. Well done lovely.
    It's a shame they restrict the numbers! xx