Monday, 8 April 2013

Alphabet Dating

Tomorrow Matt & I will have been married for 10 months. A very busy 10 months! I think we could probably count on one hand how many of those weekends we've actually spent on our own as Mr & Mrs.

Over the next few months we've made a point of keeping 2 weekends a month to ourselves, not only to try and save a bit of money; to work on our house & garden; but also to enjoy each others company.

Any time we have spent together since saying 'I do' has been mainly doing housework, grocery shopping, and other grown-up things; or sat at home watching rubbish on TV, dinner on laps, iphones/laptops/ipads in hand, conversation to a minimum. Not very romantic or glam, hey?

I exaggerate (slightly) but, now the spring/summer and lighter evenings are hopefully here, we have decided that we're going to start Alphabet Dating to enjoy quality time together, having fun and doing new things.

The process is very straight forward - we take it in turns to plan a date in surprise using each letter from the alphabet.

I picked the short straw and will be starting with the letter 'A' this weekend.

The dates don't have to be expensive; they can be a whole weekend, a day, half a day or even an hour, it's all about finding something different to do and getting out of the usual day-to-day rut.

I'm really looking forward to our 26 dates!


  1. Haha I love this idea and although very rewarding, I bet it can be hard to choose something depending on the letter you get, sometimes!!
    Let us know how it goes and what you get up to!! ...If it is fit for blog consumption that is :-P xxx

    1. I worked out that I have both Q & X! Will need to think hard about those ones.. I have a few ideas for my first ones though.. A, C, & E! Hopefully that will be half the fun of it, we have to really think about doing something, making an effort for each other and keeping it a surprise until the day! Looking forward to A this weekend! I plan to blog each letter too, so hopefully our alphabet will start to form! xx