Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wish List..

After seeing a couple of things online recently that I need would love in my life, I thought they deserved their very own blog post. This is just incase any of my readers should be feeing extremely generous and feel the need to treat me ; ) Failing that, I can lust over them and use the post to remind me to save my pennies for these beautiful treats!

Joules Richmond Leather Bag

I am a fan of simple bags. I don't like studs, zips, dangley bits or lots of gold on them. This bag from Joules is pure beauty!

It is everything I love about a bag. I love the floral detail inside, the secure compartments, the design, the colours available... and it is oh so pretty!


A few weeks ago I came across the company bluebellgray.

Est. 2009, bluebellgray has quickly grown into one of Scotland’s most exciting textile exports, leading the floral trend and being stocked worldwide in the best design boutiques and stores.

Bluebellgray pieces are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production.

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to bluebellgray, I wouldn't be fussy! All of their products are simply stunning and would make any home look beautiful!

It was this cushion that first caught my eye in a department store:
I love the striking colours and the freshness of the flowers. I think it would look amazing in any colour scheme as it draws all of those fantastic colours together.
I also spotted the Fi Bench, sold in John Lewis - how jaw droppingly beautiful is this?!
A little birdie tells me that bluebellgray's new collection will be launched in a couple of weeks -  hopefully just in time for next months pay day!
A girl can hope and dream, can't she? Now what was I saying earlier about a lemonade budget on a champagne lifestyle?!
Disclaimer: I have not received anything in exchange for this post, all words are honest and my own

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