Friday, 22 February 2013

St Lucia 2010 {Flashback Friday}

As the snow appears to be trying to sneak back into the forcast for the weekend, I can't help but think back to where I was this week 3 years ago... beautiful St Lucia!

My brother & (now) sister-in-law chose a well known 'couples only' resort in St Lucia as the destination for their small family wedding in 2010.

At the time of booking I had only just met M and didn't feel I could ask him to commit to spending quite a bit of money on a 10 day Caribbean holiday for a family wedding.

In steps my friend Imogen.....

I really didn't want to miss out on being at my brothers wedding just because at that point I wasn't in a 'long term' relationship (little did I know that I would be married myself 3 years later!) so I had to go through the task of contacting the resort, explaining the situation & gaining permission to bring a same sex friend!

Fortunately Imogen has no shame & stepped up to the challenge of being my plus one!

Needless to say we had a lot of looks and people peering over sunglasses at us, but we didn't care! We soaked up the all-inclusive food & cocktails and had an amazing time! We made friends with the staff; had a private dance off with them in the ballroom, cooked our own dinner in the late night 'snack' bar with them, and had late night piano sessions in the music bar. Why we chose the night before my brothers wedding to head out into the dizzy heights of St Lucia to sample their nightlife, I do not know... but all I can say is "no pressure, no problem!"

this may, possibly, still be a sore point with my husband, (the fact that I didn't invite him) so I am secretly hoping he doesn't see this post! haha!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I could do with a sunny beach right now.

  2. ooooh what a beautiful place to visit, i would prefer to be there in the warm right now (its freeeezing here today).you and your friend sound like you had an amazing time with a lot of fun!"!!! you look so pretty too x
    thanks for linking up

  3. Looks like a beautiful place!! My Auntie and Uncle went just before Christmas and LOVEDDD IT!!! They spent nearly a week of their two weeks there on a boat (totally unplanned) but it sounds like BLISS!!

  4. I remember these photos! Why did I not realise that Matt didn't go with you?! Looks like such an amazing place to visit let alone get married.
    I love that blue dress....and have total hair envy as usual.
    Thank you for linking up xx

  5. Sounds like some great memories of an amazing holiday!

  6. Looks like an awesome trip! I would totally have invited my friend too if I were in the same situation :) x