Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wish List..

After seeing a couple of things online recently that I need would love in my life, I thought they deserved their very own blog post. This is just incase any of my readers should be feeing extremely generous and feel the need to treat me ; ) Failing that, I can lust over them and use the post to remind me to save my pennies for these beautiful treats!

Joules Richmond Leather Bag

I am a fan of simple bags. I don't like studs, zips, dangley bits or lots of gold on them. This bag from Joules is pure beauty!

It is everything I love about a bag. I love the floral detail inside, the secure compartments, the design, the colours available... and it is oh so pretty!


A few weeks ago I came across the company bluebellgray.

Est. 2009, bluebellgray has quickly grown into one of Scotland’s most exciting textile exports, leading the floral trend and being stocked worldwide in the best design boutiques and stores.

Bluebellgray pieces are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production.

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to bluebellgray, I wouldn't be fussy! All of their products are simply stunning and would make any home look beautiful!

It was this cushion that first caught my eye in a department store:
I love the striking colours and the freshness of the flowers. I think it would look amazing in any colour scheme as it draws all of those fantastic colours together.
I also spotted the Fi Bench, sold in John Lewis - how jaw droppingly beautiful is this?!
A little birdie tells me that bluebellgray's new collection will be launched in a couple of weeks -  hopefully just in time for next months pay day!
A girl can hope and dream, can't she? Now what was I saying earlier about a lemonade budget on a champagne lifestyle?!
Disclaimer: I have not received anything in exchange for this post, all words are honest and my own

Hello Canvas {Review}

Although our wedding was almost 9 months ago, I have been really bad at getting photos printed & displayed around the house. We have our beautiful album that our photographer put together for us, but that is safely tucked away not on display.

When Hello Canvas contacted me asking if I would like to review a canvas, I used it as an opportunity to use a wedding photo!
Their prices start from just £13 with free shipping within 3 days if ordered before 2pm. Hello Canvases also come ready to hang.
I have previously ordered a canvas but it came rolled up and I had to put the frame together and wrap the canvas around it - a bit of a faff and all too easy to let the canvas go too loose which doesn't look good once hung.
Hello Canvas has a really easy to use website where you can either upload a photo, or send it by post (CD, DVD or USB stick). They also have an option to edit your photo to black & white or sepia.
I was really impressed with the after service too - an email to say that my canvas would be despatched in the next 24 hours, and on the morning of delivery I had an email from DPD informing me of a delivery slot.
Their customer service team are excellent - always on hand to answer any questions. Infact I emailed them a couple of times as I wanted to ensure that the photo I chose would be good enough to be enlarged to print. They replied quickly with their knowledge & experience which is invaluable - especially when you want something to look perfect in your home.
The canvas came wrapped in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box. It was delivered in immaculute condition and I was really pleased with the quality of the image (no pixalation) and the print quality. The colours of my bridesmaids dresses and my flowers are simply striking - just like they were on my wedding day.
The canvas I received is 20 x 28 inchs and costs £39 which is fantastic value. Infact, Hello Canvas have a lowest price guarantee too.
As soon as I can decide which ones to print, I will be ordering more in different sizes. I can see a wall in my house being decorated by canvas prints!

Disclaimer: I was sent a yummycard for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own

York, Feb 2013

A couple of weeks ago Matt & I went for a mini-break to York for a couple of nights. It was really lovely to get away, even if it was veryyyy chilly!
We did the York Brewery tour which was really interesting (& probably one of Matts highlights), I experienced my first real ale - the Guzzler!

We of course did the York Minster & Tower also. The Minster was fascinating, the architecture was truly incredible and I was quite taken aback by the amount of beautiful stained glass windows. We did a guided tour so learnt lots of stories and snippets from our guide Gerry!
However... the Tower was a different story. It is a 550 step round trip... which is fine, I made it to the top without passing out. But... in a very small spaced staircase, where you can't even put your elbows out, I experience a huge feeling of claustrophobia & nausea! It didn't help that we were with a big group and those that were ahead of us kept stopping - I just wanted to get up there & come back down again! Of course I had to buy the badge to prove that I did it:

We also did the York Chocolate Story (my favourite bit!) which I would also recommend to anyone visiting York. It was a fascinating tour of Chocolate in York over the years with lots of tasting sessions through out.
There was so much choice for food that we didn't get round to going to Bettys so I would definitely like to go back one day, plus York really is a beautiful city & there is lots to see and explore.

That face of mine says it all - at the top of the York Minster Tower!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish

I love having my nails done (what girl doesn't?!) but unfortunately on my lemonade budget I can't afford to live the champagne lifestyle and regularly have gels done for me.
So... I have been on the hunt for 'gel-like' high street nail polishes. I have to say, not many of them live up to their promises of a gel-like shine or life of 7+ days.
Until I came across Maybelline's new range of polishes - Color Show
Maybelline say:
Why You'll Love It
You’ll love this range of nail polish because it’s inspired by the runway giving trends and colours direct from the catwalk. The colour is bold and crisp due to the formula’s transparent gel-base.
I've only tried the 'Latte' colour so far, but I love it. It's fast drying, has a good shine to it and is chip resistant lasting a good 7 days or more. I currently have two coats of it on my nails, but the really good thing about Color Show is you could get away with just one coat if you are short of time.
The really, really, reallllly best part about it (going back to my lemonade budget theory!) is that the RRP is £2.99!! Incredible value.

Disclaimer: I haven't been sent anything for the purpose of this review, I just wanted to share this find! All words are honest and my own

Monday, 25 February 2013

Afternoon Tea {Review}

Noun1. afternoon tea - a light midafternoon meal of tea and sandwiches or cakes; "an Englishman would interrupt a war to have his afternoon tea"
On Sunday afternoon, Matt & I went to The Ickworth Hotel for afternoon tea. I had previously heard of The Ickworth as it came up on searches when I was looking for nearby wedding venues but as it was in the wrong location I didn't really give it any further thought.
As we drove down the rather impressive long drive we noticed that the Ickworth House is part of the National Trust. Had we have known, we would have taken suitable footwear & clothes so that we could enjoy the beautiful grounds after our afternoon tea.
Instead we parked the car as light snow fell, both more than ready to enjoy a 'proper cup of tea'!
First impressions once inside the House were a bit mixed - we were greeted & then told to wait in one of the two lounges (which had stunning sofas, armchairs & ornamental pieces!) whilst they prepared the room for afternoon tea. No offer of a drink or any information about the house whilst we waited. Given the history of the house I would have been interested to have been told some basic facts rather than just assumed that we had previously visited or knew all there was to know.
Our afternoon tea was booked for 3pm, we were called through at 3.20pm - and to be fair we did have an apology for the delay saying that they had needed to hoover after the lunch shift.
We were also told that as the Conservatory was having a major renovation, our afternoon tea was being served in an additional (cramped) room, which was a shame.
I got the impression that the staff were rushed off their feet and they were having to 'make use' of other rooms in the house whilst the Conservatory was unavailable.
The room itself was small and the tables were very close to each other with only 4 couples, including us, at that seating. This didn't create a very relaxed atmosphere with everyone almost whispering to each other to hold a conversation.
The tea and food more than made up for the first impressions as it was all delicious. Matt said that he would go back for the scone alone!
It was a very traditional tea with ham, cheese, salmon and cucumber sandwiches; fruit scone, plain scone, strawberry pavlova and a triple selection of cakes.
We did our best but even we couldn't finish it all!

As a gift for a friend or family member I would definitely consider buying an afternoon tea in the UK voucher as they are available at lots of different locations and I think that they are great value starting from £30. They're a great idea for couples to do at a weekend or for friends to catch up over, or even as a treat after a days shopping. There are lots of different ones available including: champagne afternoon tea, afternoon tea & vineyard tour, afternoon tea on the Thames, The Making of Harry Potter studio tour & afternoon tea, and The View from The Shard and afternoon tea which is something that I would like to do next time we go to London!

Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher for afternoon tea for two in the UK for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own

Weightloss Diary Week #4

Week #3 of my weightloss journey complete!
This week hasn't been so great. It started off well & we stuck to a slimming world plan of cereal fruit & yoghurt for breakfast, slimming world friendly lunches such as pasta or soup, and lots of tasty freshly cooked slimming world style meals such as the Bacon, Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Pasta
The weekend was my downfall for Week #3! Our plans changed slightly which meant we had friends to stay 2 nights at ours. Friday night we needed a quick easy meal so I had chicken in breadcrumb with a handful of low fat oven chips but with plenty of fresh salad. Saturday started off well with my usual cereal, and then we went for a walk (in the freezing cold!). For lunch we went to Prezzos where I had the most amazing salad of: spinach, avacado, chicken, roasted peppers, goats cheese & cucumber.. and for dinner I cooked us all the Sausage Rigatoni recipe.
Unfortunately these meals were all washed down with plenty of Sauvignon! That's my downfall... big time.
We also went for afternoon tea on Sunday for a review so was faced with sandwiches, scones, clotted cream & cake! Not good for someone on a 'weightloss journey' (although it was very yummy!!)
I guess looking back over that it is quite remarkable that I managed to stay the same this week! In some ways I feel bad that I went off plan, but in others, I am glad that I was able to enjoy myself without piling on the pounds.
We will be stepping up the plan this week to see better results next Monday.
Week #3 = 0lbs Loss

Friday, 22 February 2013

St Lucia 2010 {Flashback Friday}

As the snow appears to be trying to sneak back into the forcast for the weekend, I can't help but think back to where I was this week 3 years ago... beautiful St Lucia!

My brother & (now) sister-in-law chose a well known 'couples only' resort in St Lucia as the destination for their small family wedding in 2010.

At the time of booking I had only just met M and didn't feel I could ask him to commit to spending quite a bit of money on a 10 day Caribbean holiday for a family wedding.

In steps my friend Imogen.....

I really didn't want to miss out on being at my brothers wedding just because at that point I wasn't in a 'long term' relationship (little did I know that I would be married myself 3 years later!) so I had to go through the task of contacting the resort, explaining the situation & gaining permission to bring a same sex friend!

Fortunately Imogen has no shame & stepped up to the challenge of being my plus one!

Needless to say we had a lot of looks and people peering over sunglasses at us, but we didn't care! We soaked up the all-inclusive food & cocktails and had an amazing time! We made friends with the staff; had a private dance off with them in the ballroom, cooked our own dinner in the late night 'snack' bar with them, and had late night piano sessions in the music bar. Why we chose the night before my brothers wedding to head out into the dizzy heights of St Lucia to sample their nightlife, I do not know... but all I can say is "no pressure, no problem!"

this may, possibly, still be a sore point with my husband, (the fact that I didn't invite him) so I am secretly hoping he doesn't see this post! haha!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bacon, Spinach, Mushroom & Cherry Tomato Pasta {Recipe}

This recipe is free on Slimming World Extra Easy Plan
Serves 4
8 x rashers bacon (visible fat removed)
2 x garlic cloves crushed
375g pasta
cherry tomatoes*
4tbps fat free fromage frais
*add as much or as little to taste.. I made a big batch so added quite a lot!
1. dry fry the bacon
2. add crushed garlic
3. boil the pasta to taste & drain
4. once the bacon has browned, add mushrooms & tomatoes to frying pan
5. when mushrooms, tomatoes & bacon are cooked, add spinach, pasta & 4tbps fromage frais
6. mix well
7. season with salt & pepper
This recipe works well as a 'leftover lunch' either hot or cold too! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

YummyCard {Review}

After my previous review of a letterbox personalised cake, I wanted to see if there were any other companies who had the similar idea but perhaps on a smaller scale.

I love the idea of being able to send a cake to someone to celebrate an occasion but didn't want them to have the hassle of having to collect it from the post office if they had the same problem as I did. (I live in a very new house, so perhaps letterboxes are getting smaller?!)

I came accross YummyCard and was delighted when I was offered a cake in return for an honest review.

First impressions were great - it made it safely through my letterbox and was sitting on my doormat when I got home.
I really like the fact that where possible, YummyCard use recyclable & re-usable packaging and I love the attention to detail - the ribbon and stickers make it look much more personalised than mass produced other cakes.
Inside the box there is a little notecard that can be personalised when ordering the cake.
The cake itself is cellophane wrapped on a board to keep it fresh.
All of the ingredients used are organic, free-range and fairtrade, also suitable for vegetarians.

On the YummyCard website you can chose the occasion, the cake shape/flavour and colour of icing, box & card as well as the personalised message. There is also an option to include a 'open on...' sticker which is great if you are sending the cake for a particular celebration date.
The cakes are £9.50 plus 95p postage which I think is really reasonable.
Although the cake isn't huge, it is more than enough for a one person portion (who shares cake anyway?!) and it really did taste freshly baked. The cake was moist and the icing sweet and soft. Delicious!
Overall I think YummyCard cakes are great value, look & taste lovely and I love their work ethics too. I can also trust that they will fit through any letterbox.
I will definitely be ordering from YummyCard again - I particularly like the look of the 'Big Birthday' number cakes and think they would make great gifts!

Disclaimer: I was sent a yummycard for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own

Weightloss Diary Week #3

Week #2 of my weightloss journey is complete!

This week I feel like I have been more conscious of what I am eating and drinking. Although still not being too 'strict' on myself.
Monday to Wednesday I stuck to plan but when I wrote last weeks blog I had forgotten (!!) that it was Valentines on Thursday... that night we ordered a chinese takeaway but ordered much less than we would have done.
Friday night my Mum & partner stayed so for ease I made a slimming world Chilli which was lovely. They brought a bottle of wine but I stuck to just one glass.
For my lunches during the week I have been trying to take healthier snack options - more fruit, fat free yoghurts & sugar free jelly. I think it really helps to have things close by when my tummy begins to rumble!
Saturday I had a croissant for breakfast (not particularly diet friendly!) and then met my friend for coffee & lunch. I had a latte & a mocha (!!) but did ask for skimmed milk thinking that 'every little helps'... as we hadn't seen each other for so long the hours flew by and before we knew it, our lunch had turned into mid afternoon and we ate at 3.30pm. I had a baguette, salad & chips but again I thougth about what filling to have and instead of my usual choices of bacon & brie or club sandwich, I chose ham, rocket & mustard. I also shared the chips with my friends husband.
We had planned on having a slimming world curry on Saturday night but as I hadn't eaten until 3.30pm I was still quite full so decided not to have dinner. Normally I would still find space for a bowl of curry too!
Sunday instead of a bacon & fried egg sandwich for breakfast, a normal lunch & dinner, I cooked a slimming world friendly breakfast brunch at 11am (scrambled egg, grilled mushroom, grilled bacon & dry fried potato slices) and then we went for a walk before having an earlier than normal dinner at 5pm which was beef wellington & vegetables.
As you can see I didn't take drastic measures but I did think more about what I was eating.
I'm really happy to say that I lost 3lbs this week, which brings me to a total loss of 4lb in my first two weeks!
Meals this week include: beef & butternut squash curry, mustard pork chops, lemon & black pepper chicken, bacon mushroom & spinach pasta, and... something else which I have forgotten! We are spending the weekend with friends but hoping that with walks along the beach, a game of tennis & conscious eating and drinking I can have another loss next week! 

Week #2 = 3lb Loss

Friday, 15 February 2013

Personalised "I love you because.." Frame {Craft}

Edit: I obviously couldn't post this before Valentines as beady eyes would have seen it!!

2013 is a year of saving for us so when it comes to Valentines Day although we wanted to give each other a little something, we agreed not to spend a lot of money.
Plus I don't always 'agree' with Valentines Day - why should there be just one day that you let your loved one know you care? But that's another story... and I too fall victim to the 'hallmark holiday' every year!!
Whilst browsing for inspiration I came across lots of lovely framed prints and artwork ideas. Particularly relevant to us this year as we could include our wedding date! However, a friend gave us a framed print of our names, wedding date & location as wedding gift so I didn't want to go down that route again.
I also saw lots of "I love you because ......." prints but couldn't justify spending around £30 on something like that, and then it clicked that I could do something similar but home made.
Photo Frame with Mount: £3 in Boots 1/2 price on frames sale
Whiteboard Pen: I bought a pack of 4 different colours for £4
Measure the insert of the photo frame
Set up a Microsoft Publisher (or similar) page to that size
Enter text/graphics/images/colours/borders/whatever you like
Cut the print to size
Stick to the back of the mount

Using a washable/wipeable pen, write your personalised message on the screen

Voila! It really is that simple.
My one cost me a grand total of £7 but I'm sure you could make them even cheaper than that too with a bit of hunting around for cheap frames & pens.
You could also make these for great Mothers or Fathers Day presents... "I love you Mummy because.." or even make bigger ones as a noteboard in the kitchen.




Today my blog is 2 years old!!
My first every post was on the 15th February 2011 - Picking The Venue . We had just been to see the beautiful Marsh Farm wedding venue & had decided that's where we wanted to get married.
I decided that I wanted to start a blog as a record of information and details whilst planning our wedding - which I did over the course of the next 17 months, with a few day-to-day blog posts thrown in too. Since the wedding I have continued the blog with recipes, reviews, my weightloss journey & more day-to-day'ness. Hopefully it will also be used as a journal into the depths of parenthood too!
This past weekend I looked back over my blog and was reminded of so many little things I would have forgotten about if it wasn't for writing them down and taking photos.
Already in 2013 I have written almost half as many posts as I did in all of 2012 - I think this year could be a record for my blog.
I have no idea who reads my posts or whether they find them interesting but it definitely serves it's purpose as a reminder for me to look back on.
Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Joe & Seph's

Whilst browsing on twitter I came across the company Joe & Seph's - a gourmet popcorn chef & connoisseur.
"We are an award winning, family gourmet popcorn producer who launched just over a year ago, and since then we have been generally acknowledged to have the best tasting popcorn on the market. Some of our excellent press reviews include John Torode and Gregg Wallace ("We couldn't get enough") and Jamie Magazine ("Joe & Seph's salty caramel popcorn will have you sighing with pleasure"). In addition, we now have 8 Great Taste Gold awards including 2 two star golds for our Caramel, Macchiato & Whisky popcorn and Honey & Hazelnut popcorn (described as "faultless").
We are currently stocked by the likes of Selfridges, Harrods, Wholefoods Market, Lakeland, Harvey Nichols, Camden Food Co, and Picturehouse Cinemas as well as hotels including The Hempel, Four Seasons and W Hotel and lots of great independents.
Aside from our innovative, award winning flavours, we are different because:
- ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We have a strict rule of only using natural ingredients which gives our popcorn its strong, distinctive taste
- WE MAKE OUR POPCORN BY HAND: We remove all those irritating unpopped kernels and only give you whole pieces of popcorn
- INNOVATIVE PACKAGING: Our packaging is transparent and stands out on the shelf by allowing the customer to see the quality of the product
- TASTY AND HEALTHY: We air-pop (not fry) our 'mushroom' popcorn kernels resulting in 10% fewer calories and 35% less fat than a leading crisp brand"
Browsing their website I really struggled with which flavours to try - luckily for me they do a collection of 6 taster packs for a great price of £12 inc P&P. I went for this option so that I could try as many flavour as possible.

As well as their traditional flavours they are always adding new & seasonal ideas to tickle your tastebuds! Currently their Valentines flavours are: Caramel, White Chocolate & Strawberry and Caramel, Machiato & Scotch Whisky.
I'm still yet to try all of them as I am trying to make them last (ha ha..) but they are so amazing I just had to tell people about them.
Being a massive sweet or toffee popcorn fan I was really intrigued by their savoury flavours and wondered if I could be swayed to the other side of popcorn.
So far I have tried:
Toffee Apple & Cinammon - this was sure to be a winner for me & it didn't let me down!
Caramel & Sea Salt - a yummy mix of both sweet & salty
Caramel, Honey & Hazelnuts - I am a huge fan of hazelnuts too so this was devoured pretty quickly!
Mature Irish Cheddar - a completely new taste sensation for me! The flavour of the cheese was so rich, tasty and quite simply delicious
Today I am trying Goats Cheese & Black Pepper and anyone who knows me well will know that if goats cheese is featured on a menu I stop looking any further. I am very excited about trying this one!
The final one to try is Caramel, Pepper & Chilli - what an intriguing combination but I have no doubt that I will be surprised by it!
As well as the taster packs, they have a great offer of 3 pouches for £12 or 6 for £19.95 (P&P included) available on their online shop

They come in re-sealable pouches which are fantastic if you have the self control not to eat a pouch in one go!
I already have my eye on lots of other flavours & will be placing another order pronto!
Whether I have been swayed or not is a tough one... I think I sit firmly on the fence and will enjoy from both sides of savoury & sweet.
I do know one thing for sure - no more supermarket or cinema branded popcorn for me, 'posh popcorn' all the way!

EDIT: I have since tried the Goats Cheese & Black Pepper and all I can say is: Oh...My....Goodness!!

 Disclaimer: I was not sent anything for the the purpose of this review, I simply just wanted to shout about how great Joe&Sephs popcorn is! All words are honest and my own.

What is love?

... irreplacable 
... patient
... kind
... understanding
... happiness
... a gift
... appreciation
... devotion
... content
... never to be taken for granted
... passion
... trust
... generous
... never ending
... compassion
... dedication
... pure
.... you & me

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Alan & Steve

Let me introduce you to Alan & Steve... our new fish!
Alan is a black moor and Steve a goldfish:


They were a very spur-of-the-moment purchase on a cold & wet Sunday afternoon, but we hope that they will be very happy in their new home! I'm certainly looking forward to watching them grow.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Weightloss Diary Week #2

Week #1 complete and I am pleased to say that I have had a loss - even if it is 1lb. I didn't have high hopes of losing a great deal this week as we had a break away booked & I wanted to enjoy that without worrying too much about what I was eating & drinking.
In the first week I haven't really made much change to my diet other than switching from cereal or toast for breakfast to a banana & a yoghurt; drinking more water & trying to get out for an hour walk on my lunchbreak.
I dug out my exercise trampoline yesterday and am planning on doing that in the evenings whilst watching TV and will also throw in some wii fit for good measure too. I'm not one for going to the gym or out for a run so will make the most of the facilities that I do have!
We haven't been drinking much since Christmas anyway, but if I do fancy a drink at the weekends it will be Gin & Slimline Tonic, no more glasses & glasses of wine!
Yesterday I made a batch of sugar free raspberry jelly that I can portion & take to work when I fancy something sweet and I'm going to make more effort at preparing things for lunch. The photo above is part of todays!
Meals this week include: pasta with a fresh homemade vegetable sauce, jacket potato with home made coronation chicken & salad, chicken & rice with stir fried vegetables, and slimming world chilli. 
Hoepfully I'll see a bigger loss when I look at the scales next Monday morning as I don't plan to eat or drink out this week!  
Week #1 = 1lb Loss

Monday, 4 February 2013

Nims Fruit Crisps {Review}

"Nim’s Fruit Crisps are a range of deliciously crispy, healthy snacks that everyone in the family can enjoy! Lovingly made using a unique air-drying process, we make sure they keep as much of their nutritional content, natural sweetness and beautiful bright colours as possible. Made from 100% natural fruit, Nim’s Fruit Crisps come in a variety of mixed flavours – Apple and Strawberry, Pineapple and Mango, Apple and Kiwi, Orange and Melon, and Pear and Kiwi – tasting as fresh and tangy as the day they were picked! What will your favourite be? Enjoy!"

As someone who is always trying to eat healthily and find new ways of snacking, I was excited to try Nim's Fruit Crisps.  Being a mother herself, Nim wanted to find an alternative to crisps & chocolates without compensating sweet tastes and textures. 

The difference with these fruit crisps to other ones available on the market are that these are air dried to ensure that all of their natural goodness & sweetness are kept. 

Each bag are less than 75 calories and count as one of your five a day.

They high in fibre, high in Vitamin C, fat and gluten free and are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.

The fruit crisps still contain peels, skins & pips - something I was a bit unsure of to begin with, but I think they all add to the flavour. 

My favourite were definitely the pineapple which were exceptionally juicy and kept my sweet cravings at bay.

As I work in an office and am sat at my desk most of the time, I think that Nims Fruit Crisps are great to have on hand for snacking through out the day instead of reaching for the nearest biscuit tin!

The flavours available are:
Apple & Strawberry
Pineapple & Mango
Pear & Kiwi
Orange & Melon

They retail at £1.35 a bag and are available to buy either on Nims online shop or at your nearest stockist. A list of all stockists are shown on the website.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of 4 Nims Fruit Crisps for the purpose of this review. All words are honest and my own.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Weightloss Diary Week #1

So this morning I braved the scales for the first time since before Christmas.. I know, I know, I just didn't dare face up to the truth for the whole of January!
After seeing the digits flash up on the scales I was horrified. I had an idea in my head, but the scales added a whole extra stone to that. I was devastated.

Like most people I have had my fair share of 'diets' but I guess since the wedding 8 months ago I haven't really paid that much attention to what I've been consuming.
This week isn't really the best to begin a diet as I am going for afternoon tea on Sunday and we are away for a couple of nights during the week too but I refuse to leave it any longer - even if it means just being more sensible about my eating-out choices. Plus I will be on my feet a LOT more while we are away compared to sitting at my desk every day normally.

I thought I would use my blog as a record of my weightloss journey to encourage me to keep track, publicise my weigh-ins & also to hopefully receive support and encouragement. I will also post any recipes I find and enjoy too.
Fortunately the husband has agreed to take part with me!
We'll be following Slimming World Extra Easy plan although not attending the meetings. Hoping that our previous knowledge & the books we already have will help us through.

I've just bought an Extra Easy cookbook from eBay so am looking forward to using that and I will be digging out my exercise trampoline & the wii fit bored.

Meals this week will include: spaghetti bolognese, jacket potato & chicken stirfry. We are away for 3 evening meals so I'll need to be careful what I chose from menus.
Here goes Week #1!

Musical Memories {Flashback Friday}

For a few days now I have seen an advert for Richard Clayderman's new album 'Romantique'. The name rang a bell but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

After seeing the advert again this morning I decided to search him on youtube. The first song that came up was 'Pour Adeline' as soon as I heard the first few notes my eyes filled with tears.

It instantly took me back to Sunday Roasts at my Nans house. She loved Richard Clayderman and Pour Adeline was one of her favourite songs. She always used to have the CD playing, especially as background music on a Sunday.

Richard Clayderman - Pour Adeline