Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow {Flashback Friday}

I thought it would be apt. to make this weeks Flashback Friday about snow!
The last big snow fall we had was February 2012. We had only been in our house for about 6 weeks and not many houses around us had been completed - let alone moved in.
This made our cul-de-sac exclusive to us! We had tons of fresh snow untouched by anyone else.
One negative of this was that it made it near impossible for us to move our cars! I vividly remember Matt coming back from a supermarket trip getting his car stuck.. he ended up having to dig his tyres out! Of course I was smugly sat inside the house cosy & warm watching through the window!
This year we haven't had any where near as much as these photos yet. I wonder what this weekend will bring?




  1. Wow that's a lot of snow. I love untouched snow! I hate driving in it though so I prefer for the snow to stay away. We've not had any yet!

  2. That looks lovely. I expect it will be coming your way, that's what our close was like this morning! I've just been out and it came just above my ankles if not more! xx

  3. Very appropriate flashback! We only had a small covering yesterday which was mostly slushy. I love seeing untouched snow just makes me want to dive right in and make some footprints!
    I hope you aren't snowed in now

    Thanks for linking up x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I hate driving in snow and getting stuck... I'd be inside too watching hehe x

    Found via Flashback Friday x