Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Week That Was.. Annual Leave

Today I returned to work after having 10 lovely days off. I'll be honest, I could quite easily become a lady of leisure, or at least a part time one!

We had a lovely long week of visiting family & friends, and also relaxing at home.

Saturday: M played golf with some work colleagues whilst I had a very long layin & caught up with TV programmes I'd recorded. I also got the food shopping and housework done out of the way. When M came home we relaxed on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon & evening ... a very lazy day for me!
Sunday: We woke up early as M wanted to watch the Grand Prix live (the things I do....) once that was finished with we spontaneously decided we'd drive over to Cambridge for coffee and a mooch about in the sunshine. I hadn't realised Cambridge was quite so close to us, at around 40 minutes. It had lots and lots of lovely shops too, so we plan to do our Christmas shopping there. M had a little bit of work to do in the afternoon so I decided to make some chocolate bonfire cupcakes! In the evening we cooked a delicious roast pork dinner.

Beautiful Sunny Cambridge
Chocolate Cupcakes - in the making

Monday: M had an appointment first thing Monday morning so we got up early & headed out the door with plans to spend the night at my Mums house then return home to ours on Tuesday. After M's appointment we visited my auntie who has since returned to Kaula Lumpur where my Uncle is working. It was nice to catch up with her as I have been a bad niece and not seen her since our wedding. Next stop was lunch with the mother in law - we decided to try a new Italian which turned out to be really nice.

Monday afternoon was spent with the very lovely Lauren . Very random (stalkery) story but Lauren and I have been 'online friends' for at least 6 or 7 years. Neither of us can quite remember how long. Lauren went to the same High School as a lot of my Middle School friends, so although we never actually went to school together, we had lots of friends in common. We became myspace/facebook/twitter (& now whatsapp!!) friends, chatting about alsorts and realised we had quite a lot in common. Over the years we have become closer and I have no idea why we left it until now to meet in person! I think both of us were pretty apprehensive about meeting, both almost cancelling on the other in the morning! I'm so glad we did meet though, Lauren is soooo lovely and I really wish we had gone to school together as I am positive we'd have been friends. I also got to meet her equally gorgeous boys too, who were so very well behaved and a total credit to Lauren. I hope we get to see more of each other now we have broken the ice!

Monday evening we enjoyed a lovely chicken & red wine slow cooked meal at my Mums.

Tuesday: We had planned on going to Essex for the day (guilty pleasure... please don't judge!!) to do a tour of the TOWIE boutique shops. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad though so we didnt fancy walking around getting wet. Instead we stayed in our home town and went out for brunch with Matts mum to the 'Lighthouse Cafe' which is a known cafe in town for great breakfasts! I ashamedly had never been before.. it was well worth a visit. I also bumped into one of my old school friends & her baby in there, so that was an added bonus. After brunch we went for a lovely long walk along the seafront as the sun had decided to come out. We had planned on going back home at some point that day but decided to spend the night at Matts mums so that we could see the nephews and family, which we did.

Wednesday: Wednesday morning we took our 8 & 4 year old nephews to school in the rain and wind - that was an adventure! Something I guess I better get used to in time! It was nice to see their classrooms and teachers, and I think they enjoyed it too. After breakfast back at Matts mums we made our way home... after unpacking and doing the laundry, we spent the afternoon & evening on the sofa!
Lots of this was done this week : )
Thursday: We had no plans for Thursday.. we decided to head into our local town for coffee and to pick up a couple of presents to take over to my Dads the following day. We also stumbled upon our seriously bad taste cheesy Christmas jumpers which we are both super pleased about. We missed out on buying them last year as we left it too late. Thursday afternoon was spent tidying/cleaning/clearing/sorting out at home, we also packed for our weekend trip away.

Friday: Friday morning we got up early and left the house just after 8am to head to Wales to visit my Dad for lunch. We were having a great trip until we got to Reading services junction and got held up in an accident, we had to sit in standstill tailbacks for over an hour which set us back on our trip. We eventually arrived at my Dads around 1pm. Dad had made us lunch of jacket potatoes with a leek, bacon & creme fraiche filling, it was yummy! It was lovely to catch up with him, albeit a super quick visit. Friday evening we headed to Bristol to spend the evening & night with one of my great school friends Sarah & her husband. We enjoyed a chinese takeaway & drinks with them.

Saturday: After a lovely breakfast with Sarah & Mark we headed back down the M4 to Reading, our next destination. My university friend & ex-housemate Suzanna lives here with her boyfriend Tom (& giant house rabbit Eric!) a lunch date with 5 of us uni girls had been arranged since March. We usually try to meet twice a year in various places. Our last one was in London where we had decided we'd invite the boys along to our next one. So 10 of us girls & boys plus a 10month old baby girl went for a mexican lunch. It was lovely and so nice to catch up with everyone. Since we had last met, two of us had got married, one had had a baby (she couldnt come to the previous meet), others had had fantastic holidays to share with us so it was great to hear everyones news. It was also really lovely for all of our husbands/boyfriends/partners to meet too! They may be lucky enough to be invited along to the next one too!
Becca, Me, Suzanna

Sunday: Sunday morning after breakfast we went for a walk along the Thames to blow away the cobwebs! We then spent the afternoon in a pub watching football - well the boys did, Suzanna & I tested out the ciders and chatted away. In the evening we had a delicious roast duck with all the works and relaxed watching The American Pie, The Reunion film.
Suzannas infamous skin-on-roast-potatoes
Monday: Matt & I left Reading around 10am and headed back for home. After food shopping & laundry we spent my last afternoon of annual leave on the sofa and were in bed by 8pm shattered!
Matt & Eric


What a fantastic week! Sadly for me, M is off for the rest of this week too whilst I slave away at my desk. The downside of having different amounts of annual leave to take. Boo!!

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