Friday, 26 October 2012

Home {Flashback Friday}

This weekend a year ago, we were allowed to view inside what was to be our first bought home together.
We had been a little bit crazy, putting down a £500 deposit and starting the ball rolling with solicitors and paperwork, before we'd even seen the outside of our soon-to-be-home - let alone see the layout inside!!
You can read about that day here Make a House a Home (sneaky photo taken a couple of weeks later, over a fence as we weren't able to actually walk round to the house as it was fenced off by the builders)

I'm so glad we were a little bit crazy that day because I absolutely adore our first home together and we have already created lots of happy memories there.
It's hard to believe that we will have been living there a year on 19th December - time sure flies!
This is the photo of us just before we went inside for the first time:

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  1. I love that photo (and I can now see that Matt is tall and that I was silly to have been shocked at his tallness when we met lol)
    I remember the time when you were visiting the house whilst it was being finished and keeping an eye on Facebook to see any updated photos xx