Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Weekend with friends

This past weekend 14th/15th/16th we have been down in London staying with friends - actually one of my bridesmaids and her boyfriend. Another of my bridesmaids and her husband also came along. It was the first time we'd all been together since our wedding so it was great to have a catch up.

After our sight seeing drive into London (past the Ritz, Trafalgar Square etc... silly sat nav!) in Friday nights rush hour traffic, we eventually got to their house where we were greeted with a much needed ice cold drink! Our hostess had been slaving away that afternoon, making a lasagne followed by a lime cheesecake which we all really enjoyed.

Saturday morning we all had great intentions of getting up early and heading into town for breakfast - our hangovers had other ideas!

When we eventually got out though we headed into South Kensington for coffee. Once we'd had our caffiene fix we decided to brave the boris bikes! Some of us being far more experienced than the rest of us at cycling in London! I can safely say I couldn't remember the last time I had ridden a bicycle other than in the gym! After a few wobbly starts I did get to grips with it though and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don't ask me exactly where we biked as I haven't a clue, but we started in South Kensington, cycled mostly the whole way around Hyde Park, through some very nice streets with expensive shops, down Pall Mall to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace and ended up along the river where we docked the bikes. It was great fun and something I'd definately do again! It's a great way to see places and very inexpensive too.

This is 5 of us (minus Matt) outside Buck Palace:

From here we went on to Sophies Steakhouse in Covent Garden - which was amazing! I was so impressed.. they did a "steak frite" meal deal for £9.99 which included a large glass of wine too! It was really good. We then enjoyed a cocktail for dessert!

From Sophies we walked along the river hoping to get a boat back towards Fulham but none of them seemed to be going that way at weekends so changed our plans and got on a bus to Putney for a few drinks by the river.

On our way to Putney we came across a florist called 'Only Roses' which had rose petals on the pavement outside the shop - I thought it was absolutely beautiful so had to get a photo:

In the evening we went to a pub around the corner from my friends house called "The Antique Chair" - from the outside you wouldn't think anything of it, and to be honest it doesn't look very appealing with it's dull appearance and net curtains in the window. We had been recommended it though so decided to take a look. I'm glad we did! It was really pretty with very beautiful antique features. The tables & chairs were all worn and mis-match which gave great character. I wish I'd taken more photos, the only one I took was of the glass my G&T came in:

Great weekend had by all : )

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