Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm watching you

I have worked at my current company for 2 & 1/2 years, and have always parked in the same multi storey car park since the first day. For as long as I can remember there has been a guy 'appear' at almost exactly the same time in the morning as me & park up, and then return within seconds of me in the evening. I didn't think much of this as presumably there are many people that use the car park who work 9-5 hours.

Then I started noticing him in a lot of other places - shops at lunchtime (again, not unusual for people to take 12-2pm lunchbreak and head into town); if I went out to run an errand for my boss, I would spot him out then too. I remember a particular occassion when it was mid-afternoon and I popped to Sainsburys to get something, and there he was standing outside looking conspicuous..

After a couple of months this guy changed his car to a smart car covered in branding for an estate agency, presumably one he worked for. Not really knowing the town very well, I wasn't sure where this estate agency was (clearly I don't pay much attention on my walk into work.. more about that in a minute) at the time M & I were looking at buying our first house so I was a regular on rightmove, happened to see a nice house so decided to get some further information. Not looking at which agency it was marketed through, I sent an email. When I had a reply I noticed that it was the same agency that said guy worked for - possibly even an email from himself..

I began to feel a bit funny at arriving the same times as him to the carpark so always found a reason to sit in the car a bit longer until he'd clearly left the building - way too awkward holding doors open for him!

On the odd mornings when I found myself walking from the car park towards work and he was in the vicinity I would ring Matt, with absolutely nothing to say, but just because I felt safer having him on the end of the phone as I walked along! To me it felt like said guy would walk quicker to catch me up.. again, I could be completely imagining this and should just put it down to coincidence.

One morning I was obviously paying attention and noticed that the estate agency he worked for was literally around the corner from my office and I have to walk past it in on my way in. If he happens to get to work before me, he is always watching out of the window & makes me so self conscious walking past!

This morning I was early enough to get 1 of 2 "good" parking spaces on the 1st floor, whilst I was getting my ticket from the meter, guess who pulls in?! He proceeds to park next door to my car and hops out. I scurry across to my car and get in via the passenger door (he is parked next to the drivers side) and I took my time to display the ticket and pack up my bag, meanwhile he has locked his car and walked towards the exit. Just when I think the coast is clear, I get out of my car & begin to lock it only to hear his foot steps again!! I have no idea why he went back to his car but it resulted in me having to hold doors open for him and have him walk behind me down the stairs and on to the street towards my office.

I can bet my bottom dollar that he will also be there at 5.03pm this evening when I get to my car too!

Weird or just a coincidence?!?!


  1. It sounds a bit odd to me..... but then he might be telling all his friends about a strange woman who is everywhere he goes...! ;) Do you feel threatened by him? Does he try chatting to you? Can you park somewhere else? Questions questions!

  2. Haha.. that is VERY true! Hadn't thought of it that way! He doesn't look scary or anything.. very smart & business like, just seems so strange that he pops up everywhere I am! The first time I've ever said anything to him was this morning, an apology for almost shutting the door on him! Oops! I'm sure he's harmful and it's just a coincidence really :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I've only just seen this post. I'm freaked out on your behalf. I think I would try and talk to him, make a joke about it, just to break the ice. Or get M to drop you off at the car park one day so the bloke see's him and you together.
    Like the other Lauren said though, imagine if he was saying the same about you. ha ha!

    1. That is so funny you should say that - on Monday Matt came to meet me after work (for dinner & theatre) and just as he pulled up, who should walk out of their office to their car?! "stalker" !! So it was perfect timing as he saw Matt & I talking/meeting! It would be funny if he is going into his work and talking about that stalker girl! xx