Thursday, 23 August 2012

Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World

Last Saturday the 18th August we (myself, M, brother & sister-in-law) took my 17 month old nephew to Paultons Park - primarily for him to visit Peppa Pig World, something that we knew he would love being an avid fan! (I have never seen him laugh to himself so much as he does when he reads a Peppa Pig book - too cute!)

The park opened at 10 so we thought we would get there soon after to avoid queues to get in. Car parking was easy and we got parked pretty close to the entrance. As we walked towards the entrance they opened up another section so we flowed through easily.

Once inside the park we decided to have a wander around and get our barings. The crowd seemed to all be going in one direction - Peppa Pig World! Disappointingly, on arriving in the PP section we could barely move, it was far too over crowded and each ride had ridiculously long queues so we were unable to soak up the atmosphere and I think the nephew got a little bit too overwhelmed.

We decided to head for Georges Spaceship Playzone (indoor soft play area) first, in there he had fun playing with the ball in the recyle centre & Uncle Matt had fun building a house for him:

Seeing that the queues were just as long, if not longer, we decided to have a walk around the rest of Paultons Park and come back to Peppa Pig world later in the day.
The big kids amongst us decided we would go on the Cobra rollercoaster, which, despite the 20 minute queue, we all enjoyed and agreed it was quite a "thrill ride".
Next we headed to the "Edge" ride which they describe as their biggest thrill ride - unfortunately, although we had fun, we didn't seek a thrill whilst on this ride!
One of the really great things about Paultons Park is that there are lots of lovely (clean) areas for picnics. We pitched up and enjoyed ours in the sunshine.
After lunch we decided to walk back through the dinosaur park to check out the queues at Peppa Pig World again. There was ever-so-slightly less people walking around, but the queues were just as long. They were sneaky queues though, at one point we began to queue for Grandpa Pigs Boat Trip but then realised that the queue actually doubled back on itself around the lake and we really couldnt expect a 17 month old to be patient enough to wait his turn in what could be a 30 minute wait (and more) so we gave up and decided to come home. 
I think Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World have potential to be a great family day out, however I think they should consider restricting the queues for the rides to a limited amount of people rather than having Disney World style queues wrapping around each other which kid you into thinking you are almost at the front!

All in all, it was an expensive couple of hours walking around a theme park at £80 for 4 adults and a 17 month old (free under 1 metre in height)


  1. It's such a shame that you had a pants time. Long queues aren't so bad if they go down quickly. Thomas Land had long queues but they went down really quickly. Sounds like Peppa Pig World need to have a reorganise! xx

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    2. Lauren, peppa pig world is well organise theme park. I recommend your to visit it with your child. You can find almost 50 rides here. This is my personal experience that I really enjoyed there. This park is not only for children, but for whole family.

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