Monday, 20 August 2012

How does your garden grow...?!

When we first moved into our house in December 2011, our "garden" was no more than a mud bath! Filled with mud, builders rubble and general rubbish.

Due to the wet & snow of the winter we decided to leave it a couple of months before we tackled it, also trying to decide whether we seed or turf the lawn.

Annoyingly I don't have a photo of what it looked like initially with nothing in it, but below is the first picture I do have.. probably taken in January. We started off by cordoning an area at the bottom of the garden (which later changed shape) and putting in some paving slabs as stepping stones so we could get from one side to the other:

From that, M took a weeks holiday in February and did lots & lots & lots of hard work, turning over all of the soil, removing clay, rocks & builders rubble.. laying sand & manure (which of course smelt lovely....!!) The result of that weeks hard work was:

The soil was then left a few weeks to settle and for the frosts to flatten it. Next we decided that we were going to buy the cheapest turf we could find & hope for the best! M had another days holiday in March so he went ahead and laid it then. I came home from work to:

Which, having never seen freshly laid turf before, I was worried about & couldn't see it surviving! (I should have had more faith in the talented M!) because by Easter weekend it was looking like this:

Still not quite able to use it, but seeing huge signs of improvement and green-ness was very exciting!

By the time we had a couple of nice days of sunshine in May we were able to go out & use it. We also decided to cut in a mini border along both sides of the garden to plant seasonal bedding plants:

By the time we had come back from our wedding & honeymoon in late June/early July we had a fully functioning garden! M got ants in his pants though and decided we needed a raised decking area for the BBQ and some pot plants, so now it looks like:

However, most of the plants we have in the pots & bedding are seasonal so won't last much past the "summer" months.. rather than keep replacing them seasonally, I would love some suggestions of pretty, easy maintenance perenials that we can fill the pots with? Any ideas would be welcomed!

NB: credit where credit is due, well done Mr Watts! xxx


  1. I *love* your garden. You've both done such a good job.
    Where's your vegetable patch though?? xx

  2. Great little garden - just like ours but prettier! When Jewhurst was off work he did loads of work on the garden, replacing the lawn, cutting down trees and the like - looks much better now. Next step is some perennial bushes like hydrangeas which will be low maintenance. I'd love a nicer patio area like yours though. Can I come over for a BBQ?! :)