Tuesday, 17 July 2012

THE most AMAZING day of my life EVER!!!

So the 9th June 2012 finally came, and I have no other words to describe it other than PERFECT!

I woke up alongside my bridesmaids and was sooo ready to see my gorgeous groom at the top of the aisle!

We had sunshine, we had all of our lovely family & friends there to celebrate with us, we had the most amazing venue, but most importantly we had lots & lots of love for each other.

38 days later and I am still quite literally on a champagne high, it was incredible and for all of the stress and agro leading up to the day, I would do it all over again given the chance.

Most definately a day I will never ever ever forget.

I am soooo ecstatic to be Mrs Watts and cannot wait to begin the rest of our lives together! xxxx

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