Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Disaster Sponge....

To us, the wedding cake wasn't an important feature of our day - neither of us particularly like cake & didn't want to use too much of our budget up by ordering a traditional 3 tiered iced cake.

We thought we'd found the perfect solution when we found a local dairy farmer. Initially we approached her to serve ice cream in cones as the dessert (which went down a treat with our guests on the day!) but then she pointed out that she also makes Wedding Ice Cream Cakes. We thought this could be a great alternative and would suit our budget too.

As the day grew closer I was worried about the cake melting and us not having anything to "cut" for the photograph.. I also worried that some guests might not like ice cream (along with lots of other random worryings) So I contacted the ice cream lady and asked for her opinions. She came back to me with a possibility - she would ask a lady she knew who made sponge cakes to make & ice a sponge that would suit underneath the ice cream cake & then they could be decorated to match - I was excited about this!

On the day, they didn't match completely which I was slightly disappointed with, but all in all they looked quite good & the guests were impressed with the ice cream so the presentation was soon forgotten about!

The scooped ice cream and ice cream cake were all very much enjoyed & hoovered up on our wedding day, however the 10" iced sponge cake was left untouched, so we decided to leave it in the cake box and store it in a cool dark place until we returned from honeymoon 10 days later - then we would enjoy it with our family.

We were extremely disappointed when we cut the cake to find this:

How long should an iced sponge cake last???

I went and had a look in supermarkets at their shelf life of iced sponged birthday cakes (I know they obviously have preservatives etc in them, but just for an idea) and they all had at least 4-5 week dates on them.

A family member who is a keen baker thinks that the cake was probably put on the board & iced before it had completely cooled down, but the "cake lady" is saying it shouldn't have been left so long before we ate it? So now we are stuck with a mouldy 10" sponge cake that can't be eaten and a £70 bill for the cake!


  1. Argh - that's awful :( We weren't away as long as you - only 5 days but our cake was fine and lasted a good few days after that in a tab lock box. Such a shame :(

  2. 10 days is far too long to leave a cake, you said it yourself, supermarket cakes have preservatives and other things to stop the mould.
    I would suggest in future you freeze the leftovers.