Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Disaster Sponge....

To us, the wedding cake wasn't an important feature of our day - neither of us particularly like cake & didn't want to use too much of our budget up by ordering a traditional 3 tiered iced cake.

We thought we'd found the perfect solution when we found a local dairy farmer. Initially we approached her to serve ice cream in cones as the dessert (which went down a treat with our guests on the day!) but then she pointed out that she also makes Wedding Ice Cream Cakes. We thought this could be a great alternative and would suit our budget too.

As the day grew closer I was worried about the cake melting and us not having anything to "cut" for the photograph.. I also worried that some guests might not like ice cream (along with lots of other random worryings) So I contacted the ice cream lady and asked for her opinions. She came back to me with a possibility - she would ask a lady she knew who made sponge cakes to make & ice a sponge that would suit underneath the ice cream cake & then they could be decorated to match - I was excited about this!

On the day, they didn't match completely which I was slightly disappointed with, but all in all they looked quite good & the guests were impressed with the ice cream so the presentation was soon forgotten about!

The scooped ice cream and ice cream cake were all very much enjoyed & hoovered up on our wedding day, however the 10" iced sponge cake was left untouched, so we decided to leave it in the cake box and store it in a cool dark place until we returned from honeymoon 10 days later - then we would enjoy it with our family.

We were extremely disappointed when we cut the cake to find this:

How long should an iced sponge cake last???

I went and had a look in supermarkets at their shelf life of iced sponged birthday cakes (I know they obviously have preservatives etc in them, but just for an idea) and they all had at least 4-5 week dates on them.

A family member who is a keen baker thinks that the cake was probably put on the board & iced before it had completely cooled down, but the "cake lady" is saying it shouldn't have been left so long before we ate it? So now we are stuck with a mouldy 10" sponge cake that can't be eaten and a £70 bill for the cake!

Ushers, Bridesmaids, Pageboys & Flower Girl

Just wanted to mention a few special people who helped a huge amount in making our day so perfect. You all looked amazing & were a great help to us.


Barry, Jon & Daniel
Imogen, Sarah & Hannah
Theo, Finn & Joshua

A picture paints a thousand words..

Without taking the limelight away from our day, another amazing thing happened the weekend of our wedding - my Mum & Dad spoke to each other for the first time since they got divorced 8/9 years ago.

On the lead up to our wedding, my parents both being there was one of the most important things I wanted to happen, but it was also one of the things I was most worried/stressed about. I really needn't have worried as they sorted them selves out.

It must have taken everything my Mum had in her to approach my Dad on the Friday to say a simple 'Hello' but it meant absolutely everything to me and from that moment on I knew I wouldnt have to worry about them on my wedding day. I was soooo incredibly proud of my Mum.

I could never ever have guessed what was to happen on Friday night when my brother came running up to me and said "did you just see that? They hugged!!!" When I asked who, he replied "Mum & Dad" and that was the start of closure for us all.

It really was THE ultimate cherry on top to have these photos taken:

THE most AMAZING day of my life EVER!!!

So the 9th June 2012 finally came, and I have no other words to describe it other than PERFECT!

I woke up alongside my bridesmaids and was sooo ready to see my gorgeous groom at the top of the aisle!

We had sunshine, we had all of our lovely family & friends there to celebrate with us, we had the most amazing venue, but most importantly we had lots & lots of love for each other.

38 days later and I am still quite literally on a champagne high, it was incredible and for all of the stress and agro leading up to the day, I would do it all over again given the chance.

Most definately a day I will never ever ever forget.

I am soooo ecstatic to be Mrs Watts and cannot wait to begin the rest of our lives together! xxxx

Here comes the Bride....

The week leading up to our amazing day was so much fun! We had lots of things to do, lots of visitors coming to see us and lots of excitement bubbling!

Coldplay was INCREDIBLE!! One of the best concerts I have ever been to & I know Matt really enjoyed his Birthday present! It was so nice to spend an evening together away from the stress of last minute wedmin too.

One by one our family members all started to arrive from around the world - this was a big sense of realisation to me that they were all coming to England for OUR wedding. I felt truly honoured and special, so a great big THANK YOU to everyone for that. It was great to spend some time with everyone - and as usual it just made me miss them even more and get frustrated that we all live so far apart!

The weather this week was awful - it was literally non-stop rain all week and I constantly had my eye on the weather forecast knowing that that was the one thing we had no control over!

My dress was picked up on Wednesday, Matt collected the mens suits on Thursday and Thursday evening was spent packing up our last bits & ticking off the list ready to wake up the following morning and head to the gorgeous Marsh Farm!

Friday we woke up to rain (surprise surprise!!) but we didnt let it dampen our spirits as we drove across to Marsh Farm in the beautiful BMW that Matt had borrowed. On the way across we checked that all of the signposts were correctly positioned so that everyone would find it, then we headed across to my Mums ready for loading the car!

Gradually the wedding party started arriving throughout the afternoon/evening and we all had a great time eating, drinking & setting up the barn!

At this point I still wasn't nervous & I don't think it really sunk in what was in store tomorrow!