Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The sun has got it's hat on! Hip hip hooray!

Oh my lordy - so there are now just 16 teenie tiny sleeps to go until the big day!! I just cannot comprehend where time has gone.. it's the most surreal feeling & I'm wondering when it will actually sink in that I am getting MARRIED!!

The last month has whizzed past in a blur with 2 hen do's (because I'm special like that!), dress fittings, more meetings with the florist, seeing the venue again and bridesmaid dress fittings!

Hen Do Numero 1: This was kept as a complete surprise from me, and to anyone who knows me will realise that is quite remarkable seeing as I am a bit of a control freak & also a good detective - so hats off to those girls for keeping it from me! We arrived in the beautiful Oxford for lunch on the Friday, and then I was taken to the even more beautiful village of Woodstock, just outside of Oxford and shown to our home for the weekend.. a lovely little cottage. The girls had decorated the place with balloons and plenty of the obligatory willies! I was handed a sash, fluffy tiara, shot glass for my neck & a willy whistle and the weekend was off to a great start! Friday night we relaxed, chatted, giggled, drank, nibbled & had facials/manicures/spray tans done.... Saturday morning I was handed plenty of bucks fizz in readiness for our "surprise" at 10am. Little did I know, I would soon be drawing a butt naked man! It was soooo cringeworthy, but so fun! I'm sure he felt more uncomfortable than we did though... After that we headed into the little village of Woodstock where the sun shone & we filled our boots with the most alcohol I think I have ever consumed in one day! Somehow we all managed to get home, changed & ready to go out for dinner & on to a club to party the night away. Sunday we all had a lazy breakfast before heading off home. I had a fantastic time, and definately a weekend to remember!

Hen Do Numbero 2: "The Civilised Lunch" with bridesmaids and the Mums... Started off with the bridesmaids final dress fitting - which I'm pleased to say was a success! Then we headed down to the Salthouse Harbour Hotel for a posh lunch! The pinot was opened at 12pm, followed by the most scrummiest lunch, with plenty of girlie chat, giggles & willies! Again the sun shone.. is this a sign?! After that, Sarah, Immi & I headed onto Isaacs, where I am ashamed to say, I left my memory! Apparently we were having jaegerbombs mid afternoon followed by G&T's... we made it back home where Matt was cooking a BBQ followed by more wine & G&T! Fun times had by all!

Another thing we have done in the last month is meet our registrar. This was optional, but I am so glad we did, it completely put my mind at ease & helped me go through everything in my mind of what to expect.

I have also had numerous lash & nail appointments... I wont bore you with those stories!

Last Wednesday I had to send my engagement ring away to Cardiff to be resized and scrubbed up to its former sparkly self, so have been without that for a week now.. just found out I get that back on Friday... have felt naked without it!

Going forward, I am having my hair cut & coloured tomorrow night, another hair trial Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon we are going to collect our wedding rings & honeymoon tickets... Sunday is going to be a wedmin day of DIY projects & finalising everything..

I am working Monday-Friday lunchtime next week...

Friday afternoon/evening we are going to watch Coldplay in London - which I bought for Matts 30th Birthday... really looking forward to that, which will be our last "date" before we are married!

Saturday-Monday we are keeping fairly free - but I'm sure there'll be things to do.

Tuesday we are going to London to see my cousin Amy & her boyfriend from America..

Wednesday I have to work, but will be going out with work for drinks in the evening...

Thursday morning I have nails & lash appointments..

Thursday afternoon I have a big family reunion with my American & German families (actually all English, but travelling from those places!)

Friday morning = chill out! Friday afternoon we head to the venue to decorate!

Saturday = D DAY!!!!