Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Honey, Honey...

So we did it!!! Despite toying with the idea of "just a few days in Europe to get away" and then planning something bigger next year, we took the plunge and have booked the full shabang - 5*, All Inclusive Spa Resort in Sharm El Sheikh! We leave a couple of days after the wedding which gives us time to wind down & spend some time with family who have travelled from abroad to spend our special day with us!

I simply cannot wait to be laying on this sun lounger with my husband next to me!!

9 weeks today we will be on that plane!

Oh My Gosh...

.. where has that last month flown by?! I noticed that I lasted blogged 15th March - that sure does not feel like almost a month ago!

What has happened in that time?

  • Mothers Day
  • My gorgeous nephew turned 1:

  • We have turfed our garden (very exciting news!!) and are proudly watching it grow & settle in daily... Really looking forward to being able to enjoy the sunshine & garden very soon!
  • Easter Weekend

The 4 day Easter weekend proved very successful in my 'wedmin'! I found a pair of shoes that I like and am hoping are the correct height for my dress - time will tell as I have another fitting this Saturday coming. I have ordered butterfly confetti (as requested by my 3 year old flower girl, Britton!) I have also ordered her a special 'dolly bag' for her to carry the requested confetti which has arrived & I am pleased with. 

One issue I was having was whether to pay out £100 + on a makeup artist coming out to the venue on the morning of the wedding, or whether to spend the same amount on make up and learn how to do it myself. After a trip to the Bare Minerals counter in Debenhams I decided on the latter.. £112 later I walked out with a whole new wash/moisturiser regime & a box full of makeup & brushes! I have been experimenting with it since and can honestly say I love it!! Really pleased I decided to go that way - just hope the nerves don't get the better of me on the day & I can replicate something!

Easter Monday we decided to go to Norwich for something to do in the rain, little did we know that we'd be coming home with Wedding rings ordered & paid for and a honeymoon booked & paid for!! (more about the honeymoon in the next post)

Last night & today I have been sorting the finishing touches to the Evening invites and they will be going out in the post shortly. We also started to look at the accomodation side of things and are confident that we have managed to fill the rooms!

I've still got a few nitty gritty things to do such as find a ring pillow, some cake stands, sort out the wording of the ceremony (& confirm with registrar) meet the lady on Saturday who is going to make my veil & tiara, find a hairdresser (ok, that's quite important... should make that a priority!) ... I can feel a list coming on!!

56 days to go!!