Friday, 9 March 2012

3 months to go!!

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since September - where on earth have those 6 months gone?!?!

Sooooo much has happened - some good, some bad.. but I am pleased to say a lot of that has been AMAZING!!
  • We are now HOME-OWNERS (wooo!) we moved into our beautiful house on 19th December, enjoyed our first Christmas there and are feeling very settled & lucky : )
  • THE dress has been bought!! I have had my first fitting and am due to go back for my final one April/May time... and simply cannot wait for Matt to see it!
  • My gorgeous nephew turns 1 in a couple of weeks (where on earth has that year gone?!)
  • All of my family have booked flights to come across for the wedding : )
  • Invitations have gone out & we are beginning to receive our RSVP's!
In September, my list of to'dos was:
  • Wedding Dress - Done!
  • BM Dresses - Done!
  • Suit Hire - Done!
  • Stationary/Order of Service - partially done! (have an appointment on Monday at the registery office who will give us a 'Ceremony Pack'
  • Decide whether we are having live music too - in contact with people ; )
  • Think about readings/entertainment/filling it out etc - again, hope to sort this after Mondays meeting
In addition, we have also sorted:
  • BM shoes
  • Table decorations
  • Confirmed flowers
  • Confirmed catering
So I feel like I am pretty organised (she says...!) For someone who 'took a break' from wedmin for a few months whilst the new home took over, I think I'm doing pretty well.. Just need to keep a hold on it all for 3 more months!

We haven't booked a honeymoon as yet but have decided to do a 'last minute' thing and book something the week before we go. Neither of us mind where we go as long as it is sunny & it's an all inclusive so we can both really relax.



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