Thursday, 15 March 2012

Engagement Photos

I know these are already up on facebook, but I wanted to put a few on here too, to add to my 'scrapbook'.

These were taken on Saturday 4th February 2012 - right before all of the snow, so it was verrrrry cold!

Pleased to say though that we both felt really comfortable with Matt, our photographer, and are looking forward to him capturing our memories on the day : )

2 months, 25 days, 3 hours, 51 mins, and 20 seconds...

One of my school friends posted on facebook today that she has 15 months to go until her Wedding...

It made me think back to 13th February 2011 - the day we decided on our venue. We had just under 16 months to plan a wedding... plenty of  time to get everything exactly as we wanted it. What you don't realise is, just how quickly those months & days fly by!

It is very easy to get carried away - as I did in the early beginning months... then a lull of a good 6 months, and now a mad panic of the remaining 3 months!

There have been some really trying times, some times I have wanted to scrap it all and hibernate in hope that it would all disappear (not because of our relationship... through the input ((or lack of)) from other people), but throughout it all Matt & I have remained positive and focused on making sure the day is exactly how WE want it to be - a sign of an everlasting relationship.

Sometimes I find myself wishing away the days & weeks and wanting the day to happen - other times I want time to stand still so I can take it all in... perhaps an indication of how I am going to feel on the day?!

So many lessons have been learnt during this journey... one of which being a 'loss' of my "best friend" (huuuuuge inverted commas there). I still, 4 months on, am struggling to come to terms with how someone who has been by my side through lifes rollercoaster rides for the last 7 years, and who I wanted so much to be beside me on my wedding day, can just decide that our friendship is "hardwork", that "I feel you need me, more than I need you" etc etc.. and drop me, just like that, at one of THE most important times of my life. HUGE kick in the teeth there.

You know what they say though, as one door closes, another one opens... 

Side note: this is a rather random, rambly post! xx


Do you ever get the feeling that things will 'fall in to place' and are comforted by little 'signs' ?

Just lately I have been worried that parts of our wedding wont match, or look 'right', or 'go'.... yet without really looking, so many signs have been right infront of my eyes!

For example.. the bridesmaids came up the other weekend and we mooched into town, not really looking to buy their shoes, just looking for ideas... and then, the first shop we go into - the perfect shoes are there! (with a particular feature..)

The Mother-in-law-to-be showed me a dress online that she had seen in a magazine as a potential for her outfit - again, the same particular feature was there too..

Then I log into my blog for the first time in 6 months - and what do you know... that sign is there, right slap back in my face!!

I'm taking a lot of comfort from all of this and I guess I must be doing something right without trying too hard! Maybe, just maybe, one of my nearest & dearest is watching over me, seeing me struggle and giving me a helping hand : ) xxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

3 months to go!!

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since September - where on earth have those 6 months gone?!?!

Sooooo much has happened - some good, some bad.. but I am pleased to say a lot of that has been AMAZING!!
  • We are now HOME-OWNERS (wooo!) we moved into our beautiful house on 19th December, enjoyed our first Christmas there and are feeling very settled & lucky : )
  • THE dress has been bought!! I have had my first fitting and am due to go back for my final one April/May time... and simply cannot wait for Matt to see it!
  • My gorgeous nephew turns 1 in a couple of weeks (where on earth has that year gone?!)
  • All of my family have booked flights to come across for the wedding : )
  • Invitations have gone out & we are beginning to receive our RSVP's!
In September, my list of to'dos was:
  • Wedding Dress - Done!
  • BM Dresses - Done!
  • Suit Hire - Done!
  • Stationary/Order of Service - partially done! (have an appointment on Monday at the registery office who will give us a 'Ceremony Pack'
  • Decide whether we are having live music too - in contact with people ; )
  • Think about readings/entertainment/filling it out etc - again, hope to sort this after Mondays meeting
In addition, we have also sorted:
  • BM shoes
  • Table decorations
  • Confirmed flowers
  • Confirmed catering
So I feel like I am pretty organised (she says...!) For someone who 'took a break' from wedmin for a few months whilst the new home took over, I think I'm doing pretty well.. Just need to keep a hold on it all for 3 more months!

We haven't booked a honeymoon as yet but have decided to do a 'last minute' thing and book something the week before we go. Neither of us mind where we go as long as it is sunny & it's an all inclusive so we can both really relax.