Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Holibob, an Operation, a Bank Holiday, 2 Weddings and lots of Appointments...!

The end of May and all of the month of June is going to be pretty hectic!

We are off to Southampton on Saturday to visit my brother & family on route to our holiday destination - Cornwall! Where we will reside until Thursday of next week.

I am SO excited about mine & Mattchooo's first little holiday together - really looking forward to some (much-needed) quality 'together time'. Am hoping it'll be similar to when we first met - lots of coastal walking, drinks & meals out, late night talks over a bottle of wine.......... little things we take for granted now we are living together. It'll also give us a proper chance to talk about our future & plans for 9th June 2012!!!

The day we drive back from Cornwall, Matts Mum is going in for a hip replacement operation, so the following 6-12 weeks will be spent back  & forth to Lowestoft when we can to help out there.

The weekend after we have a good family friends wedding in Stratford (which I still need to find a dress for, any suggestions very much welcome!) and of course later on in the month, one of my best friends Wedding!

Amongst all of that, I have also made arrangements to see two local florists to discuss our flower requirements and set a date to visit the venues recently completed Ceremony Barn. I am very excited about this as we were unable to see it last time we went.. I cant wait to see the actual room we will become Mr & Mrs Watts...!

It's going to be busy busy busy!! xx

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