Thursday, 19 May 2011

A party wouldnt be a party without...


I am in my element today reading through blog after blog!

Just seen this amazing idea for bunting:

The couple sent out a template for the bunting with each invite and asked the guests to send them a 'triangle' (not sure what the technical name is?!) in any material/colour/pattern they liked, and then they put them all together in time for the day...

I think it's a really nice personal touch of bringing family/friends involved in the day - and also a nice keep-sake for after the day...

Not sure I like the way they have it set up.. I'm thinking more outside the barn, or somewhere more appropriate...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Doing It for Yourselves...

One of the themes we'd like to carry through our wedding is 'DIY' and Arts & Crafts, so I have been doing  a bit of googling and was pleasantly suprised at the huge range of information/fact sheets/instructions and ideas!

We have given Theo (our eldest nephew) the honour and responsibility of being our ring bearer, and when we explained to him about his job, he asked if it would be on a Union Jack cushion (this was around the time of the Royal Wedding hype!) so, I think it would be quite nice if we took that, tastefully into our design as his little input into the day..

I really like the simplicity of this one:

But there are so many out there I'm sure we could come up with something to incorporate Theo's idea!


I absolutely L.O.V.E. these decorations too:

Think they would look fabulous in our colour themes. There are also patterns/instructions on how to make the napkin rings:

It gets me SO excited looking through these sites.

I am also slightly addicted to all of the fabulous wedding blogs that are about at the minute too....

A Holibob, an Operation, a Bank Holiday, 2 Weddings and lots of Appointments...!

The end of May and all of the month of June is going to be pretty hectic!

We are off to Southampton on Saturday to visit my brother & family on route to our holiday destination - Cornwall! Where we will reside until Thursday of next week.

I am SO excited about mine & Mattchooo's first little holiday together - really looking forward to some (much-needed) quality 'together time'. Am hoping it'll be similar to when we first met - lots of coastal walking, drinks & meals out, late night talks over a bottle of wine.......... little things we take for granted now we are living together. It'll also give us a proper chance to talk about our future & plans for 9th June 2012!!!

The day we drive back from Cornwall, Matts Mum is going in for a hip replacement operation, so the following 6-12 weeks will be spent back  & forth to Lowestoft when we can to help out there.

The weekend after we have a good family friends wedding in Stratford (which I still need to find a dress for, any suggestions very much welcome!) and of course later on in the month, one of my best friends Wedding!

Amongst all of that, I have also made arrangements to see two local florists to discuss our flower requirements and set a date to visit the venues recently completed Ceremony Barn. I am very excited about this as we were unable to see it last time we went.. I cant wait to see the actual room we will become Mr & Mrs Watts...!

It's going to be busy busy busy!! xx

A gorgeous distraction...

So my blog has taken a back seat the last week or so as I have been distracted by this little man:

(excuse the bed hair, bib & muslin (sp??) it was a shot captured by Matt on his iphone, but it turned out pretty cute!)

JJ is absolutely amazingly gorgeous - I love him to pieces, even if he was pukey on me!! I cannot wait to watch this boy grow up into a handome young man. Definately going to be a heart breaker! XXXXX

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Cream Gerbera...

I think I have decided to go for simple cream gerbera bouquets for my BMs, I like the idea of these ones:

I want to see the venue again before I contact a florist as I want to try and picture how and where we'll put flowers.... Maybe thinking it's a good idea to take the florist to the venue???

Hens on Hols.. April 2011

It's been a busy couple of weeks with two extra long weekends,
involving a 'hen hol' and a Royal Wedding!

It was fab to be away with other girls as there was plenty of wedding chat & ideas floating about... with just over a month until Sarahs big day things are getting pretty hectic!