Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Les Fleurs

Boredom at work = Wedding Planning!! So I decided to start looking at flower arrangement ideas. I am hooked on pink geberas as our main theme, and absolutely love these styles:

Am wondering whether to stick with just pink, or maybe add in a few other colours?

Also need to work out whether my BM's will have pink flowers, or cream ones? Decisions Decisions!!
I think the best idea is to make some sort of mood board for the florist..

Now to get in touch with some local florists... 


  1. Love the idea of cream flowers for the bridesmaids. Will look gorgeous next to their dresses. Especially if you have a cream/white dress with just pink gerberas. The contrast will look amazing!

  2. I'm glad you said that... I think it would look nice too! Would be too much pink I think to have pink dresses & pink flowers..

  3. Love the pink daisys!!!! Will they be in season?? Just wondering.