Friday, 16 September 2011

Make a House a Home

Our aim was always to try and buy a house before our Wedding (fairly ambitiously!) but with a small deposit and difficult times of mortgages, we couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel...

In the March Budget of 2011, the Governement announced a new scheme to First Time Buyers - supposedly people like us, who have a small deposit, but not enough to get a full mortgage agreed. We were excited to hear this and sat tight until further details came through.

With some researching and enquiring, I found out in July that a new development less than 5 minutes from our current flat was to have only two 3 bed townhouses available on the scheme. We completed all of the necessary paperwork, had a meeting with a financial advisor, and were told we were suitable applicants. So we went to look at the show home. We fell in love with it. We got excited. A month or so later, we were told that the figures previously given to us for the house were wrong - the purchase price was in fact £40k more than original thought. That's ok though - Orbit (who are sorting the Governement Funding) had a look at our finances, and decided for us that it was still affordable to us. They didn't and would not understand that we needed money for solicitors fees, furniture, etc etc... Their response 'don't you have any family that can lend you a few thousand' - errr no! That's why we are applying to this scheme?!?!? Our hopes were shattered. They then proceeded to tell us, that if we went for a lower priced house, that would be TOO affordable for us, and they wouldn't lend us the money. In Matt's words: to make use of the government scheme, you need to be in debt, and 'fix' the amount of money you do have.

We gave up looking.

Until.... Friday 2nd September, whilst browsing on the internet (again...) I came accross another new site, this time in Stowmarket. Not ideal, but only 20 minutes away. My Mum was due to come across for the day on the Saturday, so for something to do, I suggested we have a drive over there to have a look and then go for some lunch.

Little did I know what was to happen next....

Saturday 3rd September: we spoke to the onsite sales office, had a look around a townhouse, discussed finances, then she told us about a 3bed 'Finston' detached house that was also available soon, and about the Bovis 'Jumpstart' Scheme which is open to anybody with a small deposit.... and didnt involve the Government (key point here!)

We went for lunch.

Matt spent the afternoon on the phone to another Financial Advisor, had another Mortgage Agreement in Principle agreed.

Sunday 4th September: We went back to Stowmarket with a cheque in hand, signed, sealed & delivered.... Next thing we know, we're are chosing kitchen & bathroom tiles and flooring!

Bish, Bash, Bosh.. just like that!!

Good things come to those who wait:

100 days until Christmas 2011....!!!!

I can't believe how bad I have been on this blog over the summer! Oops!

With only 100 days left until Christmas, and 166 further days until the most amazing day of our lives, I cannot comprehend where time is going!

Summer has been pretty manic, as always (but I wouldnt have it any other way!) filled with family fun, catching up with friends, Weddings, Take That, Westlife, a trip to the West Side amongst much more.

Right now I am feeling fairly satisfied with how plans are going.

So far we have already sorted:

  • Venue
  • Registrar
  • Save the Dates
  • DJ
  • Photography
  • Florist
  • Colour Scheme
  • Catering - well, we have narrowed it down and hope to firm it up this weekend
  • Cake
This weekend I am naming a 'wedmin weekend'... We are having a second meeting with the caterer, seeing the venue again as they'll have had a wedding in the newly finished barn, sorting out guest list, looking at invitation materials (a family friend is making these for us), and looking at wedding dresses... oh, and sampling our 'secrets' !

Still to do:

  • Wedding Dress
  • BM dresses
  • Suit Hire
  • Stationery/Order of Service etc
  • Decide whether we are having live music too
  • Think about readings/entertainment/filling it out etc..
  • Any other things I have forgotten about!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Girlie Weekend

This weekend I have Kathryn & Faye coming to stay for  a full on fun packed weekend of girlyness & wedding planning!

Kathryn is one of my bridesmaids and Faye is an old housemate who is extremely creative - so hoping to use her to her potential!

I want to make a moodboard this weekend to take with me to the florist when we go... colours, ideas, dresses, flowers, decorations I have seen - should be fun!

We're also hoping to go and see the new Bridesmaids movie - for pure cheese!

Food, Glorious Food

Recommended to us by Greg is a company called Oaklands... we met with Robert last weekend, and he was extremely helpful & gave us lots of food for thought (ha ha ha...)

Catering/food is quite important to us, especially Matt (!!) so we want to get it right..

Knowing we dont want to do the traditional 3-course sit down dinner, we are trying to find a suitable solution to please everyone...

We are very much welcoming suggestions on this one!

My dream finally came true...

Saturday 2nd July 2011 - my dream FINALLY came true! I was in the same breathing space as Mr Robbie Williams!!
One word....... AMAZING!!!


On Saturday June 25th, I (very proudly) watched one of my best friends get married...

It truely was a magical day and Sarah looked stunning!

A productive Saturday - Florist & Barn

June 18th/19th (ish!) we met up with a couple of florists in Lowestoft... not really 'geling' with their styles, we walked away undecided in the hope that seeing the newly completed Ceremony Barn at Marsh Farm would blow us away.

It did not let us down! It is truly special... absolutely perfect : )

A beautifully crisp, fresh, clean and blank canvas for us to work on - we both LOVE it!

Following that Greg, at the venue, recommended Violets florist to us, so we took a trip down to them with the mothers in tow, and as soon as we walked in the door we had a much better feeling about them. We have now paid our deposit with them and have an appointment on July 30th to discuss ideas - very exciting!

Bad Blogger!

Just realised it's been almost a month since I last blogged..... oops!

So much has been going on...

I shall have a major blog session now!

Friday, 17 June 2011

2 Years!

Although M was away for our '2 Year Anniversary' he still managed to make me feel very special!

I was awoken by a phone call, and then at 12pm, these beautiful flowers (note the pink gerbera!) arrived on my desk:

With the flowers was a very sweet card too... I love him! xx

Flowers, Magazines, Honeymoons... Wedmin & Pimms O'clock!

We took a day off together on Wednesday 8th June as a semi-anniversary date as Matt was away for our 'official' 2 year Anniversary.

With nothing planned and not many pennies to spend, we decided to use the day productively so we headed into town.

First stop was a florist..... where we found out (unknowingly!) that the florist is one of the last things to sort, once we have BM dresses, colour themes, my dress & everything else sorted. Probably a wise idea seeing as I'm now considering moving away from the hot pink theme!

The florist suggested we buy a seasonal magazine of floral arrangements - which we did, and while I was in WHSmith I also bought the regular wedding magazine I usually buy... with a quick flick through I happened to notice that the BM dress we'd previously found featured in it - this made me smile!

We then accidentally on purpose fell into First Choice and within an hour & a half of chatting to the very helpful lady in there, have decided we'd like to do a safari beach honeymoon - a few days safari followed by a 7-10 days on a beach. We now just have to decide specifically which hotel & which safari to do. Can't wait to get it booked up!

All of this was followed by lots of exciting wedmin talk accompanied by a couple of Pimms in the sunshine by the docks... perfecto!


As a last minute (panic!) buy for Tom & Hannahs beautiful, rather traditional wedding in Stratford-Upon-Avon, I came up with this Warehouse Sale dress:

Ok, so we got some comments about whether Matt was 'forced to wear a matching tie' (and, no, he wasn't... he chose to wear yellow too!) but Matt commented about how much he liked me in yellow, and whether or not we could bring that into our wedding...

Immi did a bit of google image searching and found this gebera image:

... which I absolutely LOVE! and am now going to use it as my 'image board'. I think the yellows, pinks & peachy oranges look fab together... I'm even considering having a different colour for each bridesmaid...

The hunt begins!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


My blog has been quiet over the last couple of weeks as the start of hectic-ness took place!

Amongst all of that was our little holiday to Cornwall, which was just simply amazing! We both loved every second of it, such a beautiful place!

Was so lovely to spend some (much needed!!) quality time together away from lifes normalities...

Whilst we were in Cornwall we visitied Lands End, St Ives, Penzance, St Michaels Mount, Falmouth, Watergate Bay, Padstow, Rock, Polzeath and of course Newquay! We also decided that if we dont go on honeymoon straight after the wedding, we will spend a few days glamping in Cornwall!!

Nom Nom Nom.....

Just seen this amazing cake on a blog.... I love it! So simple, yet so classic.... Wonder if MIL is willing to bake her infamous delicious sponges for it?!?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A party wouldnt be a party without...


I am in my element today reading through blog after blog!

Just seen this amazing idea for bunting:

The couple sent out a template for the bunting with each invite and asked the guests to send them a 'triangle' (not sure what the technical name is?!) in any material/colour/pattern they liked, and then they put them all together in time for the day...

I think it's a really nice personal touch of bringing family/friends involved in the day - and also a nice keep-sake for after the day...

Not sure I like the way they have it set up.. I'm thinking more outside the barn, or somewhere more appropriate...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Doing It for Yourselves...

One of the themes we'd like to carry through our wedding is 'DIY' and Arts & Crafts, so I have been doing  a bit of googling and was pleasantly suprised at the huge range of information/fact sheets/instructions and ideas!

We have given Theo (our eldest nephew) the honour and responsibility of being our ring bearer, and when we explained to him about his job, he asked if it would be on a Union Jack cushion (this was around the time of the Royal Wedding hype!) so, I think it would be quite nice if we took that, tastefully into our design as his little input into the day..

I really like the simplicity of this one:

But there are so many out there I'm sure we could come up with something to incorporate Theo's idea!


I absolutely L.O.V.E. these decorations too:

Think they would look fabulous in our colour themes. There are also patterns/instructions on how to make the napkin rings:

It gets me SO excited looking through these sites.

I am also slightly addicted to all of the fabulous wedding blogs that are about at the minute too....

A Holibob, an Operation, a Bank Holiday, 2 Weddings and lots of Appointments...!

The end of May and all of the month of June is going to be pretty hectic!

We are off to Southampton on Saturday to visit my brother & family on route to our holiday destination - Cornwall! Where we will reside until Thursday of next week.

I am SO excited about mine & Mattchooo's first little holiday together - really looking forward to some (much-needed) quality 'together time'. Am hoping it'll be similar to when we first met - lots of coastal walking, drinks & meals out, late night talks over a bottle of wine.......... little things we take for granted now we are living together. It'll also give us a proper chance to talk about our future & plans for 9th June 2012!!!

The day we drive back from Cornwall, Matts Mum is going in for a hip replacement operation, so the following 6-12 weeks will be spent back  & forth to Lowestoft when we can to help out there.

The weekend after we have a good family friends wedding in Stratford (which I still need to find a dress for, any suggestions very much welcome!) and of course later on in the month, one of my best friends Wedding!

Amongst all of that, I have also made arrangements to see two local florists to discuss our flower requirements and set a date to visit the venues recently completed Ceremony Barn. I am very excited about this as we were unable to see it last time we went.. I cant wait to see the actual room we will become Mr & Mrs Watts...!

It's going to be busy busy busy!! xx

A gorgeous distraction...

So my blog has taken a back seat the last week or so as I have been distracted by this little man:

(excuse the bed hair, bib & muslin (sp??) it was a shot captured by Matt on his iphone, but it turned out pretty cute!)

JJ is absolutely amazingly gorgeous - I love him to pieces, even if he was pukey on me!! I cannot wait to watch this boy grow up into a handome young man. Definately going to be a heart breaker! XXXXX

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Cream Gerbera...

I think I have decided to go for simple cream gerbera bouquets for my BMs, I like the idea of these ones:

I want to see the venue again before I contact a florist as I want to try and picture how and where we'll put flowers.... Maybe thinking it's a good idea to take the florist to the venue???

Hens on Hols.. April 2011

It's been a busy couple of weeks with two extra long weekends,
involving a 'hen hol' and a Royal Wedding!

It was fab to be away with other girls as there was plenty of wedding chat & ideas floating about... with just over a month until Sarahs big day things are getting pretty hectic!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Les Fleurs

Boredom at work = Wedding Planning!! So I decided to start looking at flower arrangement ideas. I am hooked on pink geberas as our main theme, and absolutely love these styles:

Am wondering whether to stick with just pink, or maybe add in a few other colours?

Also need to work out whether my BM's will have pink flowers, or cream ones? Decisions Decisions!!
I think the best idea is to make some sort of mood board for the florist..

Now to get in touch with some local florists... 

Monday, 18 April 2011

One Step At A Time..

So last weekend (9th/10th April) we managed to sort out our photographer!

We met with Matt from and both felt at ease with him, so have decided to book him for our wedding.

As part of the package, we also get an engagement shoot - so we'll be looking at booking that at some point later in the year.

Next on the list is either food, flowers or outfits...?!?!

First of all I have my friends Hen Do this weekend in Palma, so once that is out of the way, I'll get back to concentrating on planning!

That's all for now! xox

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Circle of Life...

At the weekend I fell in love.... with my gorgeously edible 3 day old nephew! He is absolutely scrummy and it was so so so so difficult leaving him on Sunday to come back home...

Here is a pic of Joshua Jack & Super Proud Auntie Sarah:

He is most definately Page Boy material xox

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here he is....!

I love him already & can't wait to meet him on Saturday : )

Joshua Jack Overy
6.15am, 30th March 2011


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

He's finalllllllllly here : )

So after a long 48 haul in hospital for Dan & Helen....

Joshua Jack Overy finally made his debut at 6.15am on Wednesday 30th March weighing 6.4lbs!

Mum & baby both doing grand... Cant wait to see them all on Saturday! I am a very very proud Auntie xox

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

BM dresses...

Ok, so I got bored waiting for nephew to make his debute and decided to post a pic of the BM dress I/we like so far...

I LOVE the colour of it, it's perfect for our colour theme! Just need to find a stockist in the UK so that the girls can try it on etc.

It's definately the right material/style I'd like the bridesmaids to wear too - not too formal/uncomfortable.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Plans on hold.......

.... for the next couple of days because today, Monday 28th March 2011, my brother & sister-in-law have gone into hospital to be induced!

I am soooo excited about becoming an Auntie again. Can't wait to hear the news.

Back to wedding planning as soon as he has arrived safely into the world xox

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Save The Date

So the venue is finally booked & deposit paid...

9th June 2012!!

Registrar is booked for 2pm...
Look out for your 'save the date' magnet in the post soon!

A sneak preview of our theme is:

Mattchoooo is a huge fan of 'hot pink' and I just love Gerberas so we've decided we'd like this to be the theme of our stationary/decor for the big day!

Next step is to meet with a wedding photographer ( this Saturday to figure out what sort of package we would like... stay tuned! x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Picking the Venue...

So after getting engaged on Saturday 28th August 2010, and months of searching venues, we have finally found THE one!

As soon as we drove down the drive way on Saturday 12th Feb, we both fell in love with Marsh Farm (

We were met by Greg & his wife Joni who were absolutely amazing, helpful & lovely. Marsh Farm is truly stunning and the work they have done is absolutely fantastic.

After being shown around the accomodation, we were shown the barn that they are converting for the ceremony - due for completion middle of April.

We went home to Lowestoft all excited about it and couldnt wait to tell our families.

On Sunday we returned to Marsh Farm with the Mothers for their opinion. They too loved it!